Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Working on Change

My last blog talks about identifying the areas you struggle with the most.  It can be a very difficult task.  Many times I ask my client this and I find I am struggling to obtain an honest reply.  I am practically trying to pull the words out.  Not because anyone is looking to lie or not be forthcoming but more because the truth can be tough to admit.  You can say "my problem is" but now it's time to dig deeper.  Why is that "your problem."

In the example of the person who craves sweets at night, try to identify why you are craving sweets.  Is it emotional eating? Too many tempting foods in the house? Are you eating out of boredom? Some things may be easier to modify than others but they are necessary to fix the behavior. Seek as much help and support as you need to.  I can't predict success but I do know, what we don't change we will repeat.

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