Thursday, May 30, 2013

Is It Such a Sacrifice?

I had woman in my office recently, we will call her Ann, looking to lose weight.  I had seen Ann two years ago but she only came for one follow-up visit despite doing quite well the first week.  Ann admitted to me that that is her typical behavior, start something strong and then give up quickly.  Nonetheless, she was ready to start again.  We discussed what would be different this time and the need to recognize the hurdles that makes her give in. Ann complained of feeling tired from carrying an excess fifty pounds and worried about her impending health.  This time she was motivated. Nothing was going to stop her.

We started to review a meal plan and slowly went through the types of foods that would be most beneficial for weight loss.  I evaluated her current diet and we quickly recognized where things were falling apart. Together we developed a strategy to find the best ways to combine her lifestyle with making better food choices. 

At some point we got on the topic of mayonnaise.  Ann was shocked at the difference in serving sizes of regular versus low fat mayo. When I suggested she try the low fat if she prefers to use more mayo I received a look of such disgust as if I were asking her to eat something from the show Fear Factor.  She said she wouldn't consider eating something so grotesque. I was taken aback. Just thirty minutes ago, Ann was willing to do anything to feel better, now it was such as a sacrifice to choose a low fat variety over the regular.  The mayo choice suddenly took presidence over achieving her goals.

I called her on it. Believing that having to try a new food or change a food variety is such a sacrifice is an excuse.  You are looking, though not directly, for a reason to fail I told her.  Negative talk will not help you succeed. In fact, a study by Special K found that thinking positive about weight management help women to lose and maintain weight more successfully.

I have engaged in this scenario many times over the years.  If you find that when you think about changing your food intake to lose weight or get healthier but then you turn your nose up at having to choose foods that are 'out of the box' for you, think again.  Is it such as sacrifice to choose healthier foods? Which would you prefer, make healthier choices or stay in the state you are in?

Ann has been back several times.  She is doing well and has made some difficult, yet necessary changes.  She has chosen to use the regular mayo, just less of it.  Ann says she is motivated by how she feels.

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