Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Changing the Focus to You

Not having or making the time to eat healthy is a common cause for poor eating habits and weight struggles.  It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is for so many of my clients to do for others, yet neglect themselves. 

For my clients who are mothers, fathers or caretakers, we discuss or revisit their days of never, ever leaving the house without a stocked diaper bag for fear their infant or toddler may need a snack or drink.  I've had some share with me the diligence it has taken to manage their child's diet because of a severe food allergy or type 1 diabetes. But when it comes to their children, my clients will pick, plan, prepare and pack exactly what their child needs to stay healthy. 

Why is it so hard to do it for ourselves?

I make the similar analogy with the individual who can easily abstain from a food or beverage when observing a religious holiday or tradition yet when needing to do it for their health, it becomes such a struggle.

Why is it so easy to turn this switch on and off?

Why is it then when the doctor tells you that your BMI of 30 or greater coupled with a family history of diabetes, heart disease or even high blood pressure, you are still not motivated and/or committed to making long term lifestyle changes?

What these behaviors illustrate is that you do posses the discipline needed to plan, pack, prepare and make changes in some instances but doing the same for yourself is a challenging process. If this describes you consider how you feel when you are in control. It's clearly not an impossible task if you so effortlessly accomplish it for others or for something that is meaningful to you.  Don't give up, rather gather the motivation and strength and apply it to yourself. 

It's time to focus on you.  

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